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What is Aethyric Productions?

Music, Radio, Paranormal Research, Video Services, Computer Repair, Photography, Movies, and much, much more

This is a multifaceted grouping that includes three radio shows...

  • Where Did the Road Go?
    A weekly radio show on the paranormal, alternative science and history, lost civilizations, ancient mysteries, and more. Each week we interview an author or researcher and get their view on things that are outside the mainstream view.

  • The Last Exit for the Lost
    A truly underground radio show that airs weekly and plays rock, metal, alternative, punk, hardcore, comedy, goth, and lots of stuff that falls through the cracks. We avoid mainstream music, and focus on interesting stuff you will hear no where else. There are also interviews with musicians and more.

  • The Metallic Onslaught
    A weekly metal radio show, with a hefty does of comedy in between.

Our official business, Rock River Technology Services, where we do computer repair, data transfer, media conversions, photography, video work, web design, graphic design, and much more.

We also book and film concerts (The Last Exit for the Lost presents...), we have a free DVD series called The Dave and Joe Show that is a variety show focusing on music.

We have also made a series of movies, mostly slapstick comedy, but at least one serious movie. All are available for free.

On the left you will find links to our other pages, links to other things we are involved in, our video sites, and our blogs.

Although Aethyric Productions is a group effort, Seriah Azkath is the main creator and contact for anything done here. You can drop him an e-mail at demon@aethyricproductions,com or contact him via facebook.